“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty” -Winston Churchill

Optimism 2

I try to practice optimism in every aspect of my life no matter what the circumstances may be. Optimism, however, is not an easy attitude or mindset to maintain at all times. And you know what, that is completely ACCEPTABLE! We are human and everything will not always be okay. We will not always have a solution to a problem. Most importantly, we will not always be happy! But the important thing to remember is to never allow yourself to not have the ability to pull yourself back from a pessimistic mindset.

As much as I try to practice optimism, I too get knocked down sometimes and it takes a while for that optimistic mindset to kick in. Lucky for me, when I get knocked down, I stay down for a very short period of time. How can you see opportunities in every difficulty? Simply by evaluating! No, that is not an easy task to accomplish. But as long as you set your mind to it, it can be done.

As I decided to remove myself from my damaging work environment for my well-being, I knew that I did not have another job secured. I knew that I would gain lots of free time. I also knew that it will become stressful as time goes on and I continue to discover my next steps. However, rather than having a pessimistic mindset about the situation I searched for new opportunities.

This decision led to much more positive outcomes for myself than I could have planned for ahead of time. Your happiness lies within yourself! It is all about how you view a situation, the mindset you decide you will have throughout certain difficulties, and the decision you make on how you will move forward during troubling times.

Reminder, the goals for this month:

1)        Practice self-care

2)        Indulge in your hobbies

3)        If you are unhappy in a situation it is okay to remove yourself from it

4)        Write down a few goals you would like to achieve

5)        Push yourself to accomplish something you have been hesitating to do

I continued on my quest for the goals for the month so far this week by continuing to read a book that I have set aside for a very long time, I checked off some errands off of my to-do list, and for my self-care pamper this week I got a very fun mani/pedi. As I say your happiness lies within yourself! I love glitter, I am a girly girl and glitter makes me smile. So this week I decided that for my mani/pedi I will get glitter nails & so I did! My simple, adorable manicure has made me smile extra this week. Remember, the little things do matter!

Bisous Bisous, Eisha

Optimism 5

As you see, my graphic tee says “Team Optimist”! I purchased this because of the statement. I’m not sure if anyone else has realized how much of a comeback graphic tees have made? I would say that graphic tees have become much more popular lately, specifically with the younger market because they are cheaper, comfortable, and they provide a nonverbal way to communicate. As we know, we live in an era that the youth is not afraid to speak up and that has definitely affected the popularity of graphic tees in my opinion.

I enjoyed the last warmer days of the fall taking strolls at the beach. So for this look, I kept it super casual and simple pairing my graphic tee with a pair of black ankle jeans. But there are many ways to elevate a graphic tee during the fall; throwing a leather jacket over to accessorize, pairing with a pencil skirt to dress it up, or tucking in into a pair of trousers. Graphic tees are highly versatile and to have a complete wardrobe some graphic tees must be included. Therefore, speak your mind, express your identity, and add a comfortable piece into your wardrobe that makes you feel strong by spreading a message!

Graphic Tee: JCREW – Currently sold out, but I did notice that it is available on Poshmark Click here to view t-shirt
Sunglasses: Ray Ban $168 Click here for aviators



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