Styling A Graphic Tee

On my last post about optimism I brushed on how a graphic tee can be styled.  To recap, here is a shortened version of what I had stated on the previous post:

 “As you see, my graphic tee says ‘Team Optimist’! I purchased this because of the statement. I’m not sure if anyone else has realized how much of a comeback graphic tees have made? I would say that graphic tees have become much more popular lately, specifically with the younger market because they are cheaper, comfortable, and they provide a nonverbal way to communicate. I enjoyed the last warmer days of fall taking strolls at the beach. So for this look, I kept it super casual and simple pairing my graphic tee with a pair of black ankle jeans. But there are many ways to elevate a graphic tee during the fall; throwing a leather jacket over to accessorize, pairing with a pencil skirt to dress it up, or tucking in into a pair of trousers. Graphic tees are highly versatile and to have a complete wardrobe some graphic tees must be included. Therefore, speak your mind, express your identity, and add a comfortable piece into your wardrobe that makes you feel strong by spreading a message!”

I decided that providing a visual of the styling options I listed would be quite helpful rather than having you attempt to visualize my ideas. So continue to read below for three different ways to style a simple graphic tee.

Bisous Bisous, Eisha

Optimism Option 3
Pairing with a pencil skirt dresses up your tee. By accessorizing with a pair of sneakers the look becomes more casual. Balanced casual Friday look?
Optimism Outfit 2
By simply tucking in a top can make such a big difference to your look. It automatically makes you look more put together.
Optimism Outfit
Easy way to style as work wear or simply to dress up the tee. Pairing with pumps finalizes the look.

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