Unmissable Bright Puffer

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life” Bill Cunningham

Puffer 2

How do you prioritize your days? How do you mentally prepare yourself to successfully achieve each day? What is your personal routine to get yourself motivated and excited to tackle a long day? Many of you at this point have thought of several routines that you personally practice. Some examples may be; get a good night’s sleep, eat a hearty breakfast, or create a schedule for the day? Those are all wonderful routines to practice.

Personally, one of my main routines when I am mentally preparing myself for a long day is to put together a look that will make me excited to step out of bed or if we must say a look that will keep me upbeat and motivated throughout the entire day. I am not a morning person –I mean how many of us truly are?- So when I know I have to wake up bright and early and prepare for a long day of errands and chores, I put on my armor and attack the day.

One of the options that I like to incorporate in my look to get excited for the next day is color. Color, color, color! Winter is truly on the way and the weather has been getting gloomier by the day. So adding a pop of color or colors to an outfit can instantly brighten up your day.

For a weekend filled with a long to-do list and necessary early mornings I decided to create my casual errand day outfit around a current A/W trend; the pop of color puffy jacket! Let’s be honest, at this point, it doesn’t really matter how cold it truly is to wear the puffer coat because currently, it is a matter of completing a look. You know? 

Puffer 4Puffer 3

For a unique eye-catching piece this fall pick up a puffer jacket in a bold shade. I strongly emphasize the bold shade because that is the key piece that will assist you in enhancing your mood throughout the day. Don’t pick out clothing or create outfits simply because they’re trendy or because they look cute. Pick up pieces that enhance your mood as well. Bright colors automatically tend to make people happier which is why I recommend picking up this trendy piece in a brighter color rather than a muted tone.  

I picked out a bright blue tone simply because that is a tone that was missing from my wardrobe. As I created my look for my busy long day, I also wanted to remain comfortable. On this particular errand day, I wanted to gravitate away from my usual athleisure look. Knowing that I needed my outfit to create some excitement for me as I stepped out of bed, I chose to play with colors. Do not ever be afraid to play with colors! I also knew that I would be wearing a pair of jeans, so the best thought was to pair the jacket with a print. To continue the process of jazzing up my look, rather than grabbing a simple pair of denim, I chose to wear my extreme frayed ankle length denim and kept my footwear super casual and comfortable with a classic pair of Chucks. 

I must tell you; styling my trendy bold piece with more colors and adding patterns and details truly made me very excited to get out of bed bright and early and get through a long day. Owning a piece like this will also allow you to bundle up in style this fall and winter. This puffer jacket was my piece of armor to survive my hectic and long day. 

Puffer 6Puffer 7

To complete this look however I kept the accessories simple and minimal by solely wearing a gold pair of earrings with a slight navy blue detail to tie in with my stripes. Wearing a sleek high bun is my go to hairdo. It is quick and always makes you look very put together. The little bit of fun that I did include besides my bold colors and patterns was a small detail with my makeup; blue eyeliner. I am no makeup guru and I am learning as I go. It just so happens that I owned blue eyeliner, I have no clue how and for this day it worked out perfectly. Let me be the one to say that even this little bit of uniqueness made me more excited throughout the day!

So, what pieces of clothing do you own or you like to wear as your fashion pieces of armor to survive the reality of everyday life? As I like to say, the small things do matter and something as simple as putting together a look that will make you excited can change your mood throughout the day.

Bisous Bisous, Eisha

Puffer Jacket: H&M $40 Click here for puffer jacket

Denim & Top are from Zara. Purchases from the Summer and I could no longer find them.


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