Holiday Shopping Tips

Comfort 1Have you realized that there is only two more weekends until Christmas? Well everyone, the countdown begins and the time to shop is decreasing. Last weekend I crackled down and completed ALL of my holiday shopping. From décor to presents, all complete in 1 day! Knowing that it is the holiday season and we are all very busy, I will keep this post very short & sweet.

My top tips that I want to share with you all to achieve your holiday season shopping based on my personal experience are:

1)       Start early

2)       Comfortable attire

3)       Make a list

4)       Shop alone

5)       Map out the different locations you will be attending and make a driving plan

6)       Keep track of your list

ComfortThose are my personal practices to tackle on the holiday season. As stores get busier the closer we get to Christmas, having a battle plan is a MUST! For my go to comfortable attire as I attempt to look decent and not a holiday wreck when shopping has been jogger sets styled with sneakers. This look is trendy as well as comfortable and easy to throw on. So this season, take a moment, plan and gather your thoughts and you will get through the holidays with less stress.

Bisous Bisous, Eisha

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