Holiday Cheer!

“One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day. Don’t clean it up too quickly” -Andy Rooney

Xmas 6

We’re officially 6 days away from Christmas 2018! I claimed this Christmas to be a pink Christmas & I ran with the theme. Some comments that I have noticed on social media has inspired this post and I think it’s appropriate for us to have a chat.

The holiday season is what you make it! Seems like a few people have forgotten such a simple factor. Your theme for the holiday? Your choice! The activities you host or attend? You’re choice! What you serve at your dinner? Your choice! Who you’re around? Your choice! It is all your choice and what you want to make it, not what society presumes or what social media burdens.

This season is a time to be happy and a time to celebrate. That is not always the case for all but once again it is your choice and the choices you make will affect your happiness. Do not compare your holiday accomplishments to others. Do not compare your holiday décor to others. Do not set your gift-giving plans to an unachievable goal. Do not set your gift receiving expectations to a particular wish. Most of all, do not allow any negative energy impact your joy and excitement for this holiday.

Xmas 2

Your joy lies in your hands! Walking into the living room to a pink Christmas tree has put a smile on my face all season. Choosing wrapping paper that matches my theme and wrapping everyone’s gifts as they arrived has been exciting. Purchasing presents that I know will make others happy has made me delighted. Most of all, choosing to block any negativity that comes my way to not ruin my holiday cheer has been a strong decision.

Christmas over time has become my favorite holiday. Personally, I have not always had the chance to spend it with close family at all times. I have not always received the blessing to spend it home at all times. I have not always had the opportunity to give the presents I wished I could. I have also not always had the fortunate ability to enjoy and be happy during this season. As I get older, I am learning and realizing what this season truly is about. I have learned to start creating my own special moments. I have learned to create my own little traditions that bring me joy. I love gift giving as much as I love receiving and I truly believe that it is a special part of this holiday. However, I have also learned to not make the holiday solely about receiving presents.

If you needed to hear it from someone, take the time to enjoy the special moments this holiday, enjoy your family and the celebration! As we get closer to the holiday, if there’s anything bringing you down that’s taking away your cheer, let it go! Find ways to grasp your happy and enjoy every minute of this joyful time. The holiday season is what you make it!

Closer pics of my ornaments of choice this year below. I believe one of the best decors I have experienced so far and I am very pleased with it. Also, my lovely PJ set is currently on sale at VS and it comes in a variety of colors., links are below for you to take a peek! I hope you enjoy this holiday and dwell on every positive aspect of it.

Bisous Bisous, Eisha


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