Wardrobe Purge

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give” –Winston Churchill

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New England weather has been blessing us with some decent winter weather and I have been seizing every opportunity to not have to wear heavy layers. Now that the holiday season has ended and the festivities have come to a close, hello 2019! A new year has begun and we are officially back to a full scheduled week this week.

I began the New Year by taking time to reflect, plan and prepare for the year ahead. My biggest practice this past week has been to clear every aspect of life to a blank slate. In that process one thing that I fell upon was my wardrobe. My shopping habits have not been strategized the past few years. If I see an item, I like it, I purchase it. Well, I decided that this past week I would take the time to filter through my wardrobe and truly see what pieces I own.


Through that process I realized that I have gathered so many items throughout the years that I have pieces I have NEVER worn or even recall that I own. So I challenged myself to pick out all of my classic pieces from my wardrobe and try to rebuild. Which is how this look came together during my closet rampage. I used only essential pieces and kept a very neutral and classic look! Having a decent amount of staples I believe are key to having the ability to create multiple looks by not having to invest in hundreds of pieces of clothing.

So the game plan is to; continue filtering through my wardrobe, find what classic pieces of clothing that I do own and set them aside, any pieces that I have not worn in a long time donate them, and truly make use of the items that I own rather than continuously purchasing new pieces. Do you believe this is a plan that you could do yourself and would be helpful for you? Lets chat! What are your thoughts?

Bisous Bisous, Eisha

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