The Journey Continues

“You can find me somewhere in between inspiring others, working on myself, and slaying my goals” -Unknown


It has been a while since I have written a new post, so I feel that I should do a slight re-introduction. If you have read my very first post, you are already aware as to how this blog kicked off. There is a word that floats around blogging and social media world that I have not been quite understanding of.

The term influencer…Why influencer? What makes one an influencer? I honestly cannot answer that question myself, because I consider that putting together a nice look and being a great makeup artist is not necessarily being an influencer. By that I mean what is being influenced? How to get dressed? How to beat your face every day? Where to shop? Again, more questions that I cannot answer, because I believe that these are not things that people need to necessarily influence! Yes, from a marketing standpoint I understand, business standpoint very clear. But overall I feel this discussion stems due to the fact that I strongly believe that if we are using the word “influencer”, it should be connected to something larger.

Since I began this journey I have been asked; are you trying to become an influencer? Are you trying to become Instagram famous? Is this what you’re trying to have as your full time job? And so much more…

Well to answer some of these questions, this journey began as a hobby and a way to have a creative outlet. I am making the journey my own, I am owning it and whatever prospers from it I will welcome! My goal is not to become an influencer, Instagram famous, or to blog as a full time job. My goal is to have an outlet where I can freely partake in activities that bring me joy.

After leaving a job that was absolutely draining, creating a blog is the first thing I did when I realized I do not have to set an alarm every morning to attend a place that makes me so unhappy. So, I had to ask myself “how will I keep my time occupied?” Besides the other hobbies I began to indulge in I felt like I needed something more and this was what I took the time to plan for and work towards.

I have always enjoyed writing but I never took the time to do so for myself. I have always enjoyed photographing but I never set aside time to practice and improve. Styling brings me joy but I only dress myself. So creating a blog has not only been a great creative outlet but it also has given me the opportunity to improve on crafts that I truly enjoy.

Luckily for me, since the beginning of this blog I now wake up every day and happily walk into work. However, having this as my own allows me to tap into different skills and different areas of my potential growth that I do not have available to me at work.

If you do not take anything from this post, leave with at least this; doing something you love, putting in time into something that you have created and decided for yourself is an amazing path to be on. So, no I did not start this journey to become an influencer, Instagram famous, or specifically to turn this into my full time job. However I will welcome all that prospers during this time and I believe that it may guide me towards specific paths that I would like to get onto.

Do not do things solely because you are awaiting certain rewards, do things that truly bring you joy and watch as the rewards manifest!

Bisous Bisous,


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