Couples Trip

“If you keep giving up on people so quickly, you’re gona miss out on something great” –Robin

couples-trip.jpgI have been flooding Instagram the past few weeks with vacation pictures, I finally decided it was time to get back to writing new blog posts. For those of you who are not aware, I took a trip to Mexico during the winter! I was truly shocked by the amazing experience I had on this trip and it was very much needed to get away from the weather in New England. However, the trip was not only about myself! It was a marvelous couple’s trip.

I have never been on a couple’s trip and that in itself was an experience.  My significant other and I have been together for what feels like a lifetime now. One statement that I always hear and not only geared towards us, also towards the couple we traveled with as well as many others is “couple goals!” Man oh man, nothing that I hate hearing more! I did not realize how taking a trip with another couple could be somewhat an experience that strengthens your relationship.

I recall attending a wedding and the pastor during the ceremony stated; “The best advice I can give you as newlyweds is to be around people who are on the same relationship scope as you are. If you’re happily married with two children, be around other married couples with children. Not only will you learn from each other and support each other, but you will also understand the struggles that others will not!” These words could not be any more accurate in my opinion.

Being away with another couple was a great experience because you get to realize how different each couple is but somehow you’re both happy. You see the different expectations you each have in your relationship, but it works for each of you. The different ways we handle certain situations but somehow we each get results we’re satisfied with. The best part of it all is that you get to strengthen your bond as a couple with another couple that you know will not only be there for you but also as the pastor said; as a way to learn, a support system and to understand each other’s struggles.

This is the reason why I hate hearing, “couple goals”. No my significant other and I are not to be your goal, my relationship is not to be your goals, YOUR significant other and YOUR relationship should be your sole goal! Because what we have and how we manage to have it will not be what you have or what works for you. Stop allowing social media to give you an idea of what your relationship should look like or who your relationship should be similar to. Every relationship is different, how you fight differs, how you make up differs, the rules you place are different, goals are different, visions of how the relationship should grow are different, and so on…

This couple’s trip was great because not only did I get these experiences first hand but then it also made me realize what the pastor had said during that wedding ceremony was accurate. Such a trip also allowed for the chicas to have their own time and for the fellas to do their own shenanigans as well. As my first couple’s trip I was highly satisfied and I now feel like it should become a tradition.

I am no relationship guru or expert, however I do feel like I have a decent handle on that front. I’m still fairly young, so I am positive I have more to learn. But for now, the lovers out there, do take the time to participate in a couple’s trip if you have not; it will be a wonderful experience for you both! If you have taken one, let’s chat and let me know what the experience was like for you.

Bisous Bisous


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