Packing Organization

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world” –Gustav Flaubert


Travel season is a time that can get very stressful for some. Researching, booking, planning and packing are all things that can make the weeks before your vacation highly stressful. I have learned and grown to be comfortable at all of these steps and that has allowed me to not be stressed when it comes to vacation time. However, I have whole heartedly mastered packing! For some of you travelers that may need some assistance on that front, this month I am here to help. Below I will be listing a few of my top packing accessories that will make the packing process easier and much more organized. All photos have been retrieved from Google, these items can be found from many different shopping sources: Amazon, Walmart, Target etc…

1) Packing cubes

2) Shoe covers

3) Laundry bag

4) Electronic cord pouch

5) Undergarment organizer

6) Toiletry bag

7) Accessory organizer

How do you pack for you trips? Do you use accessories or you feel that they take up space?

Bisous Bisous,


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