Dubai Itinerary – 6 Days

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before” Anonymous

Before reading through the list of our itinerary I have to inform you all that I like to pack in as much as I can everyday during a trip. My planning process is simply looking up what there is to do prior to the trip. Once I have a list of what the options are, I go through and narrow down to the top activities that everyone would prefer to do so that we maximize our experience. Once a trip is over and I’m packing to return home, I like to feel like I accomplished everything I would have wanted. I hope this itinerary is insightful for you! We also booked everything ahead of time ourselves online by searching various sites and contacting different parties for details to have each tour accommodate our needs. We started everyday at 8am the latest (hot air balloon day 4am) and ended each day around 11pm. Getting around everywhere was super easy with Uber. One tip that I will share is to be sure to search and have the exact address of where you need. Simply entering the name of where you want to go and picking what pops up will not do. We ended up in different areas a few times by doing so!

  • Day 1: breakfast, souks, lunch, butterfly garden, aquarium, fountain show, dinner
    • We ate breakfast at the hotel everyday in our PJs prior to getting ready for the day. We walked around the souks for about 2-3 hours buying spices, the proper clothing we needed for the mosque, souvenirs etc. We freshened up after lunch and headed to butterfly garden for about a 30-45 minutes experience. The aquarium and fountain show were all at the Dubai mall walking distance from each other. The aquarium tour lasted about 1 hour and the fountain show about 15 minutes.
  • Day 2: breakfast, beach, lunch, desert: ATV riding, dune dashing, camel riding, 3 traditional shows, camp dinner
    •  The beach was a short ride from the hotel. We spent most of our early morning there before the sun got too hot. Freshened up afterwards and got ready for lunch and our desert adventure. The desert adventure was a total of 6 hours.
  • Day 3: breakfast, yacht, lunch, lounge at pool, dinner, bar
    • This was more of a relaxing day for us to recover from the previous days. We soaked up the sun, ate, squeezed in some much needed napping.
  • Day 4: breakfast, Yas Marina circuit, Ferrari world, the Louvre, street market, vintage art boutique, lunch, Grand Mosque, dinner
    • Everything we did this day was part of our tour package. This adventure lasted all day, 9 hours starting at 9AM.
  • Day 5: hot air balloon, falcon viewing, desert ride, camp breakfast, Burj Khalifa, lunch, dubai mall visit, dinner
    • The drive to the desert for the hot air balloon was a bit of a drive. We chose a package for the hot air balloon that did not include too many activities along with it because the balloon and falcon were our priorities. This lasted about 6 hours. The Burj khalifa tour was also located via the Dubai mall and it was a quick 1 hour tour. Visiting the mall took quite a few hours because it is GIGANTIC.
  • Day 6: breakfast, pool day, spa treatment, dinner, check out
    • We spent the entire day relaxing by the pool, the ladies took a break for a spa treatment to rejuvenate. Had dinner and we packed up to head home!

Having a list of what we wanted to do and booking activities ahead of time allowed us the ability to plan and schedule each day to accomplish everything. We left some time in between activities to go back to our hotel, take quick cat naps and to freshen up. Knowing that we packed a lot in a day in most of our itinerary we planned two days that were dedicated to relaxing and not requiring much energy. Feel free to ask me any questions about these activities, planning an itinerary, how to book, anything at all! I will be more than happy to chat and answer your questions.

Bisou Bisous, Eisha

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