Bored in the House

Guys, I’ve been keeping it together and doing as much as I can during these times to basically remain sane. I’ve been trying to remain focused on the positive aspects of it all as much as possible. We’re now two months into social distancing and at this point we have all tried about everything to keep ourselves entertained & sane. I know for sure that I have! However, we have to keep getting creative and the fun must continue or we’re going to lose it.

As my online shopping continues to peak while we’re home, researching random topics has gotten me into a rabbit hole and searching for inspiration has gotten more and more difficult. During all of that there is one product that grabbed my attention within the natural hair community. The ORS Curls Unleashed Color Blast…Well guys, of course after watching a few videos, doing an Instagram search and googling some details about the product my little fingers were quickly searching for the product on Amazon.

$9.99 cents later I waited for my package so I could go on and have a little social distancing amusement. The hair wax comes in quite a bit of color options, but I chose to order Mystic (purple tone). Oh what a fun weekend it was to have new, colored, bold hair to play with.


I would absolutely re-order and re-use this product! I was shockingly satisfied by the results from the application process to removal process. Continue on to read my review on this product and let me know if you would give it a try!

I began by washing, conditioning & moisturizing my hair prior to applying the color wax. I applied the wax on my damp hair. The application process was super easy, but I highly recommend wearing gloves and a towel or old shirt that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. I continuously coated my hair to get the color to pop as I prefer. I styled my hair as I applied the wax and let it air dry. LOVED IT RIGHT AWAY!!!


What I loved: defined my curls very well, the color turned out great, lasted a couple of days, did not rub off on my pillow/bonnet, easy to apply and washes off very easily.

What I didn’t love: made parts of my hair crunchy, until it completely dries up the color will rub off on your hands or anything your hair touches, once hair/wax is completely dried it becomes flaky.

Overall, I think this is a great product to use for temporary hair coloring. If you’re in the house bored and would like a little bit of fun & excitement for a few days I suggest you pick up your own hair wax, get bold and have an extravagant time.

Bisous, Bisous Eisha

1 thought on “Bored in the House

  1. The color looks so pretty on you!!


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