Top 10 Fall Trends

Wow, can you believe Fall is upon us? I have not needed to get dressed since March and I also do not recall the last time I shopped for new clothes. As it seems, the need to get dressed up is not anywhere near in my world! But for my own sanity & to be prepared if I ever get back to getting dressed every day, I had to get in tune and put together my favorite fall trends this year. I may not be going anywhere but putting some looks together just to step outside will do for me at the moment. So, the top 10 fall trends that I am loving this year are:






Combat boots


Puff sleeve



Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 11.23.23 PM

Head on over to my Instagram by clicking on the icon below to see how I style each trend throughout the month. These trends are my top choices because they scream longevity. Many of these options I already had in my closet and I am sure many of them will remain in my closet. Plaid seems to be sticking around over the years, leather is continuing to get more love and combat boots we should now claim as a staple. I’m also loving the color options this season because they are such a large variety; emerald green is in, but army green is also the monochrome color of the season. Cobalt blue will be seen everywhere but as well as cashmere blue. These top 10 trends leave us with limitless amounts of options and purchasing these will not only last you this one season. So, whether or not you are stepping out of sweatpants and into a pair of leather pants, comment and lets chat. What are your favorite fall trends you will or would like to try this season?

Bisous Bisous, Eisha

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