Applaud Yourself

You know what’s interesting? Whenever the month of October comes around, I tend to start reflecting. Reflecting on how the current year has gone so far, reflecting on what I would like to see the next year to come and mostly sitting with myself and checking in on what I need to accomplish before the year ends to feel good about my goals. I started this blog 2 years ago, October 2018 after quitting a job that was not serving me well. After being home for a bit with no job, I refused to sit around and accomplish nothing. I realized that starting a blog would feel like a great accomplishment and it would be something I take on that will make me happy and keep me busy. I am so proud of myself for making that decision! Thanks to my bravery, here I am, still tackling this blog, creating higher and higher goals for it.

I read a meme recently that I enjoyed. I know, I know I’m referring to a meme! It stated; “My biggest flex is doing exactly what I said I would do.” I liked this statement because I could relate to it. There is not one thing that I set my mind to that I will not accomplish! I recall having a conversation on the first day of the year and I said, “There is not one goal that I have set for myself that I have not checked off my list.” That I can say is solely because I will push myself to no end to do what I set for myself. 

In the midst of my self-work and self-push I am always there to support others. I am a strong believer in setting goals, I don’t care how big or how small the goal if you are setting them, they are achievable and if anyone crosses paths with me that needs any support, guidance, or a push I am the person who will be there. Even during my lows, uncertain times, or tough moments I am the one in the background always cheering and supporting others. As I reflect on that, it made me feel proud of myself and that is a characteristic of mine that I realized is very difficult to find in others. Putting this together, I am glad to learn that this is the kind of person that I am. Reflecting on this year so far, coming to this realization I will be adding it to my list of great things that occurred this year.

I think reflecting tends to happen around this month because you start to realize that the year is almost over and what a year 2020 has been! Despite the unexpected turn of events, the setbacks and the world coming to a pause I tried not to shy away from the goals I set for myself this year. That’s not an ability everyone had I’m sure, because this year has affected many in their own way. I say this to say; as you reflect back on this year and you start to check in with yourself don’t be too harsh on yourself. Go a little easy on yourself because neither one of us were prepared to handle anything that 2020 has thrown our way. Something as small as realizing good characteristics within yourself that you haven’t lost should be considered an accomplishment. Anything that you managed to accomplish this year no matter how insignificant you may think it is, applaud yourself!

As the year is coming to an end, think of yourself. Make plans that will enhance your happiness. Tell your loved ones what they mean to you. Sit with yourself and reflect on things that have taken place. Applaud yourself for the things you have accomplished. Be proud of yourself for holding strong during these times. Three months left in the year, whatever else it may be that you feel you need to accomplish, remove all distractions and get to it!

Bisous, Bisous


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