Keeping the Holiday Cheer

It’s November. We have had our first snowfall. The temps have dropped to 30 degrees. In other words, it’s officially the holiday season! Everyday life may be different, there may be lots of chaos and uncertainty in the world and it may be difficult to even be thinking about the holidays this year, but there isn’t a better time to be sure to spread some holiday cheer.

With all of the chaos that 2020 has brought, there is no better time to go out of your way to create a good time, spread joy and spread the most holiday cheer. The circumstances of the holidays may be different this year, we may not all have the ability to gather with our friends and families, but there are so many ways we can ensure to keep up a positive atmosphere and create lasting memories through the chaos.

This Thanksgiving; create a menu that fancies all of your cravings, cook all of your favorites, decorate your dinner table to your aesthetic, dress up as if you are headed to a dinner date and most importantly do not forget to be thankful and practice gratitude. I am sure that even though everything around us may be in mayhem, there are at least 3 things we each can be thankful for.

This Christmas; put up your Christmas tree, decorate your space, try new holiday cocktails/desserts, enjoy your favorite meal of the day with a delicious spread and most importantly do an act of love for your loved ones that you cannot be with this year.

This New Years; throw on your most extravagant look, celebrate what was good this year, create your vision boards, write your resolutions and most importantly remind your loved ones what they mean to you.

As 2020 comes to an end, lets focus on the positive aspects and prepare for the last few weeks of the year. Let’s not allow 2020 to take the holidays away from us or to take the joy that this time of year usually brings us. The holidays are a time to be cheerful, to be thankful, to spread love and this year we are going to keep the holiday cheer alive!

Bisous, Bisous

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