Fresh Start

A new year is finally upon us. I don’t know about you but 2020 felt just as long as it felt short! 2020 was to say the least an unexpected, multi-level, never ending storm. Throughout this storm many of us had to learn to pivot, get comfortable with adjusting and keep picking ourselves up as we kept getting hit with different blows. But guess what, we’re here! It’s a new year! You made it to 2021, you survived 2020 and that in itself you should have so much gratitude for.

Personally, I am feeling very positive for this New Year. Even through the mayhem of 2020 I managed to find a few positives for the year. Positives that were solely connected to myself and what felt like strong milestones for me. So as we head into this New Year, step into it with a positive mindset. You were blessed enough to see this new year so leave all the negative vibes behind in 2020 and let’s try to make the best of this year.

Some tips on how to do so? Here you go…

  1. When you’re evaluating the past year, focus on what you achieved that was important to you personally, don’t compare yourself to others. You woke up and that was a big accomplishment for you? Great, last year I woke up and got out of bed every day. You cooked more and ordered out less and that was very important to you? Perfect, last year I cooked 10 more meals than usual. All victories are to be applauded no matter how big or small.
  2. Show gratitude. I can’t stress this enough, show gratitude! If there’s one lesson that I have taken away from 2020 is to be thankful and appreciative for the little things. You got a hug from your parents? Be thankful for it! You are strong and healthy? Be appreciative! You ate the breakfast you were hoping for? Show gratitude! Focusing on gratitude does not have to be a big project, it can be as simple as taking a look back at the day and finding 3 things you feel grateful for today.
  3. Focus on yourself however you feel is best for you. Prioritizing yourself is an important aspect to everyday life. You can’t serve your best self in any part of your life if you don’t prioritize yourself. Whether that means your health, your happiness, your free time, your schedule, your self-care etc. Whatever it means to you to focus on yourself do it and always do it first!

Want to know one thing that I am absolutely looking forward to? All of the fun fashion trends that we will most likely be seeing throughout the year: statement sleeves, looser cuts, bralettes, floaty maxi dresses, extra wide flare pants and so much more. So here we are, the clock has reset again, and we have a fresh start once more! Use it to your full advantage; adjust where you feel you need to adjust, plan what you feel you need to plan and go about your year how you think is best for yourself!

Bisous, Bisous 


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