Surviving Winter 101

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” -John SteinbeckFF25FEA2-CF2F-4254-AE7D-8A335FF261C9

It’s mid-February and we have officially reached the point during Winter that we all start getting irritable due to the temperatures. As I find myself falling into a winter slump, I figured I must not be the only one. Besides looking forward to the spring trends we will be showcasing soon, the bright colors, birds chirping and flowers blooming, I have created a quick guide of how to survive the end stretch of winter. I am not an expert by any means, but I strongly believe these tips will help any of us that are struggling to get through the season.

  1. Get social: Being social during the cold season can be very difficult since we all want to be cozy & warm indoors. Although, we don’t necessarily have to be social by being outdoors! Bring the activities indoors and craft plans with friends in your home or theirs to keep a continuous nice, warm and cozy environment together.
  2. Get active: I mean what better way to not think about the winter season than by prepping our bodies for the warmer season? Get active and remain active. This gives us something to look forward too and increases our energy levels so that we shake out of our slumps. Some options are; cycling class, boxing, hot yoga or any workout routine. Whatever works for you!
  3. Treat yourself: Nothing makes any of us more excited than when we treat ourselves to things we want. As you bear through this season and find yourself not feeling as excited for everyday things, take the time out and treat yourself. How about prepping your wardrobe for the warm weather to come?
  4. Purchase cozy comfortable clothes: As we get stuck indoors and less inclined to step outdoors it will help if we create a good atmosphere and have pieces that make us look forward to being indoors. Investing in soft, warm and cozy loungewear will absolutely help with this.
  5. Light a fire: This may not be an option for everyone but what if we create some varieties? Light the fireplace, light some candles or simply turn on your TV screen to a video of a soothing fireplace with calming music.
  6. Warm cups of tea: This gets me very excited for my bedtime routine! The last thing that I will do prior to bed is have a cup of tea in hand as I get under the blanket. I sit there, slowly sip my tea and my body warms up right before I snuggle into bed. My favorites; mint, cinnamon & ginger tea.
  7. Book a trip: If you absolutely CANNOT handle it and you know you simply need some warmth & sunshine, BOOK A TRIP & GET OUT. Winters can truly be tough. Sometimes it can take an emotional toll on folks and our well-being is the most important thing! Many hotels and airlines have winter savings/sales, February is actually one of the best times to travel to a warm location. So, don’t hesitate and take that much needed getaway to happiness.

If you were having a hard time with the season, I hope this gives you some ideas that will help you get through it. Do you already do any of these? If you don’t already will you try any of them? Comment and lets chat!

Bisous, Bisous Eisha

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