Your 9-5 Attire Does Not Have To Be Dull

“Have your vision, stick to your guns and work hard” Manolo Blahnik

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This is an important quote that I believe we should incorporate into our lives. The reason for that statement is because I think that many of us do lose our vision sometimes! Your vision could be referring to many things; what breakfast will you prep for tomorrow? Where would you like to end up by the end of the week? What would you like to be changing in a month? What goal would you like to have achieved in a year?

A vision could be something very small and quite simple, but it can also be very broad and extremely life changing. But I strongly do believe that there is no ability to move forward until you have a vision for yourself! Personally, I make it a habit to create a vision for myself. I also reevaluate them from time to time to check on my progress and my pathway to be sure that I am headed in the correct direction.

By having a vision for myself, I have had the ability to as Manolo said; stick to my guns and work hard! If you have been here you are aware that about a month ago I decided to quit my job. (Read my first post for more details)! After that happened I reevaluated my vision for myself and the progress I have been making and I knew that I was on the right path for my journey. Once my unemployed journey began, I knew it wouldn’t be for long and I also knew that I would use the time I have gained to move on to better habits and stronger self-care.

Well, that is exactly what has been accomplished! I have gotten so much better at my personal self-care and indulging in everyday habits and activities that I have set aside. And as suspected, I have also attained a new position that I had set my sights on since college that will be highly beneficial to my long-term career goals.

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I say all this to lead to my main topic for today’s post; working in an office environment does not mean we have to throw out all sense of uniqueness and trends to fit into the usual and expected office look. There are many ways that trends can be incorporated into a classic look that will be appropriate for the office.

Color, pattern, and silhouette are all aspects of your clothing that you can play with to create your own trendy office attire; as you can see in the pictures throughout the post. Pairing a blazer with pants has always been a classic office look. However, by pairing a patterned blazer with a pair of colored ankle pants automatically brightens up your look and gears you away from a boring 9-5 attire. To tone down such an attire simply pair it with a neutral colored top and shoes and there you have a trendy yet classic office look!

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This is a practice that can be done with many different pieces! I have posted a few other options throughout my previous blog posts as well. But what I want you to take away from this reading is that you do not have to uphold certain expectations with how to dress for work. Remaining appropriate is a must! However, removing hot new trends from your everyday attire is not a must to be dressed appropriately for the office. A 9-5 wardrobe does not have to be dull and does not allow yourself to dim down your personal style to fit certain expectations!

Overall; create a vision for yourself, stick to your guns and work hard and you will accomplish everything you see for yourself! On the plus side, it will also help you create a style for yourself that will help with how you decide to dress for the office each day.

Bisous Bisous, Eisha

Blazer: H&M $34.99 Click here for blazer

Pants: Forever21 $24.90 Click here for pants

Sweater: H&M $10 Can’t find it on the website but there are plenty in stores!

Pumps: Coach $112.50 (On Sale!) Click here for shoes

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