Tropical Escape

“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before” -Dalai Lama 

For us Northerners this is the season that we all try to travel to tropical islands to escape winter weather. As I gather myself for my travels, an important step that I like to take is to create a list or gather my thoughts of what looks I want to pack. I do this based on vibes I expect from the location I am attending, based on trends, and also by what items I own already.

For tropical trips this winter season I have created this lovely mood board of items that you should try to throw into your suitcase. These are items that I have incorporated as I prep my wardrobe to pack and I cannot wait to see what looks that I create. If you are planning a tropical trip sometime soon, I hope this helps a bit. Am I missing any key pieces or trends? Chat with me, let me know!

winter 19 travel

Bisous Bisous, Eisha

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